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Electronics Recycling

At TechFarmer, we care about the environment and we take your privacy seriously. We recycle all computers and electronics based equipment into reusable base materials. Our streamlined recycling process identifies other uses for materials (such as charities), proper dismantling of equipment, and safe extraction of constituent materials. We can even provide a destruction certificate that most government agencies require to verify the materials of the hard drive are destroyed and recycled appropriately.

Obsolete computers and electronics are often a valuable source for secondary raw materials if they are handled appropriately. If not, they can be a source of toxins and carcinogens. With the rapid changes in technology, there is a fast-growing surplus of computers or other electronic components. Our technology experts ensure the highest integrity and safety in the workplace during the physical removal and recycling process for your obsolete equipment.

Please contact TechFarmer today for an initial consultation about removing & recycling your technological waste - 720-222-5015

The Recycling Process

We work with small and large businesses to recycle their old technology into reusable base materials. Using both in-house and third-party services, we make sure that every part of your equipment is used and disposed of properly.

When electronic waste is sent to landfills or incinerated, it releases hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, or cadmium into our soil, groundwater, and atmosphere. At TechFarmer, we partner with industry providers for customized solutions for all of your obsolete electronic materials, and we strictly adhere to the National Institute of Environmental Health's "Three R’s" of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

  • Reduce: Buy and use less
  • Reuse: Use products again
  • Recycle: Destruction or dismantling to component level; reintroduce products into a secondary market when possible

We provide a careful plan for the removal and dismantling of your equipment, one that will not harm your workplace or the environment.

Why Itʼs Good For Business

Waste and the way you choose to handle it affects our environment—everything around us including air, land, plants, water, and more. A healthy environment leads to the health of your business. Effective waste management is a priority, and we can assist you to carefully control obsolete equipment and ensure that it does not harm your environment or your health.

What We Can Do For You

At TechFamer, we are prepared to manage technical solutions for your obsolete equipment, and that includes legal, collection, and logistical services that must be considered before applying these solutions.

Companies may be tempted to sell outdated equipment to less developed countries where there are minimal regulations. The value in proper handling of computers and electronic-based equipment will protect our environment in this country and in other countries as well. Let us assist you with this challenge.

Questions or Quotes? Contact us via email or call for assistance - 720-222-5015

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