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Disaster Recovery Help & Services

At TechFarmer, our disaster recovery services are designed to protect your data. For the unexpected situations that could compromise your business operations, you can be confident in the disaster recovery solutions we offer. Our expert team provides the security you need to protect your data in order to maintain your day-to-day business operations under almost any circumstances.

While we cannot predict when a disaster might occur or prevent a disaster from happening, TechFarmer's disaster recovery services include data backup and recovery solutions that will maintain business continuity in such an event. We ensure you experience little-to-no downtime, and that your backup data is accessible and restored as quickly as possible. We create a plan specific to your business that will manage unexpected loss of business resources such as equipment, data records, and your business workspace. To implement such disaster recovery solutions is critical to the survival and reputation of your business in the event of a disaster.

How it Works

As part of our disaster recovery planning process, we rely on our expert data recovery team, based in Denver, to work with you to understand your valuable data assets. We provide the best enterprise backup solutions in the industry including cloud technology, mirror backups, offsite storage and more. Our contingency plans include efficient backup, storage, and delivery options in the event of a disaster. Our disaster recovery plan will:
  • Assess and understand your operating procedures, physical space, computer equipment, and existing data
  • Learn how your business would be affected in the event of a disaster
  • Develop a disaster recovery plan that prioritizes recovery events based on your business
  • Backup your data in real time to an off-site location, at your specified time intervals
  • Safely store your backup data, maintaining data integrity
  • Include steps to recreate your information systems infrastructure within hours or days in the event of a disaster
  • Use cloud computing, cloud storage and other backup services in lieu of expensive equipment
  • Maintain and update your plan as your business changes

Our plan for your business continuity in the event of a disasteróone that could destroy part or all of your business resourcesóis designed to seamlessly restore your systems and data in as little time as possible.

Why Disaster Recovery is Good for Business

Your medium or small size business backup solution will be designed to handle large volumes of important electronic data. As your data is vital to your business operations, the impact of data loss can be significant. You need a data recovery solution in the event of corruption from hardware failure, everyday human error, malware and virus issues, or natural disasters. A plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information is essential to protect your business.

With our TechFarmer disaster recovery solutions in place for your business, the most important aspects of your businessóyour data and Information Technology infrastructureócan be recovered. Your business cannot survive without the data and information your employees create, process, manage and communicate.

What We Can Do For You

We understand the value of your enterprise and your information technology infrastructure. From IT outsourcing to custom web design, all of our managed IT services are tailored to the needs and mindset of our clients. The same is true for backup services, where we analyze your business, establish priorities and timelines, develop a data recovery strategy that works for you, and then we implement a custom-tailored data recovery plan.

We test the plan and continually maintain your data backup and recovery solutions as your business changes. We can restore your hardware, applications, and data for successful business recovery. If your Information Technology is compromised, we can ensure your data is safe, secure, and easily recoverable. If you think your business can benefit from this level of protection (there's a 99% chance that it can) feel free to contact TechFarmer for an intial Consultation on an affordable, customized data backup plan.

Contact TechFarmer today for an INITIAL CONSULTATION about disastery recovery services, 720.222.5015

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