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Staff Augmentation & Outsourcing

At TechFarmer, we are experts in IT staff augmentation— an outsourcing strategy designed to provide your company with business specific staffing or retraining you may need for success. We work with your team to assess your needs and provide you with a full-time IT independent contractor, IT staff, strategic experts, or a retraining plan. We can provide your business with project support, backup coverage for services, special technology skill sets, or subject matter experts in an emergency situation.

Our IT staff augmentation services may be the perfect short- or long-term solution in lieu of hiring additional staff or incurring the cost of permanent resources.  Let TechFarmer assist you with staffing or the retraining required for the success of your business objectives while you focus on the business at hand.

How it Works

Our qualified IT professionals are available to blend with your team in order to meet your unique business requirements. We will evaluate your staff in order to identify existing talent or additional skills and project support you need, to align with your business goals. Once we understand your business and identify any areas of weakness, we can work with you to decide on a staffing and/or retraining solution.

We want to leverage the resources you may already have and then decide on an appropriate, cost-efficient plan that is suited to your business needs. Our services extend to IT areas such as business and systems analyses, software, database, and web development, technical support and technical writing, project management, and software engineering, to name a few. Our IT staff augmentation services provide you with an outsourcing strategy that supports your business objectives, as our professional contractors range from certified entry-level technicians to experienced senior-level engineers.

Why Itʼs Good For Business

There are a number of advantages to staff augmentation services. With this approach we can leverage your existing resources, or we can provide you with outsourced services and professionals- or a combination of both. If we can't find existing talent to utilize, we'll find it for you.

Whether you were forced to reduce IT headcount in the past, or if you want to empower your company with renewed focus and expertise in your IT department, TechFarmer's outsourcing services can help you maintain optimum performance by increasing your IT staffing power. It is a timely approach to bringing in the type of staff you need, when you need it.

What We Can Do For You

TechFarmer is prepared to send certified technicians and engineers to your business to provide the IT support and project services you need. We can accommodate you with short- or long-term contractors or provide a retraining strategy for your existing talent. Let us know just what you need, because at TechFarmer, we are committed to helping you meet your business objectives.

Contact TechFarmer today for an INITIAL CONSULTATION, and learn about our many staff outsourcing & augmentation services - 720.222.5015

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