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At TechFarmer, we provide unrivaled Denver IT services and solutions for your medium or small business. Your information systems and Information Technology (IT) - the use of computers and server equipment needed to store and retrieve, transfer, and manage data - is important to us. We can assess, design, develop, and implement an IT infrastructure that provides a total solutions package for your company. Our managed IT services include computer hardware and software, cloud-based computing, data management, and related computer services.

We consult with your company to understand your computer environment, then design and develop an IT infrastructure specific to your business. We can implement this plan immediately, and then continue to support and manage your computer environment to the degree you desire. We offer IT solutions such as network administration, software development and installation, and continued maintenance throughout your business technology lifecycle.

In the end, we provide leading edge IT solutions and IT management for your medium or small business, while you focus on the success of your business operations.

How it Works

Our IT project management team will first meet with your leadership team to learn about your business objectives. Our experts will then assess your business operations and current IT infrastructure to determine your needs and the costs necessary to take your business in the right direction. With an analysis in hand, we develop a plan for your IT infrastructure that is designed to streamline your business and remove the pressure in complex IT systems and management. Our implementation phase will include a seamless and transparent transition to your new environment.

We cover the following services and technologies as part of our IT consulting and solutions package:

  • Business Process Management
  • Change Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Data Backup & Security
  • Global IT Needs
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Mobility Options
  • Operations Management
  • Risk Management
  • Software-as-a-Service Methodology
  • Trends and Innovations

After implementation, we continue to monitor and maintain your systems, install security updates, and provide 24/7 support services with your preferred response times. We observe your business as it changes and offer scalability options for growth or reduction in staff, with significant cost savings.

Why It╩╝s Good For Business

Information Technology is possibly the most important aspect of a successful, growing business. Your company cannot survive and grow without an agile and scalable IT infrastructure that is compatible with your operations. With current industry strategies in place for quality information systems and IT management, you achieve:
  • Access to data anytime, anywhere
  • As-needed scalability options for business growth and reduction
  • Cloud services for easy 24/7 storage and retrieval
  • Cost savings in minimal onsite equipment, maintenance, and support
  • Expert support services
  • Highest-level business outcomes
  • Infrastructure outsourcing
  • Lifecycle support for complex IT architecture
  • Secure, real-time data backup and disaster recovery.

TechFarmer offers skilled, professional consultants that work with your company to create innovative IT strategies to support your business. We help you meet your current business goals and priorities, leverage emerging business opportunities, and capitalize on new trends and technologies.

What We Can Do For You

Our overall goal for your company is to improve your IT infrastructure for smooth business operations, and ultimately allow your business to generate new sales and growth. Our medium and small business IT consulting team helps your business to assess, design, develop, and implement an optimum IT infrastructure that will place your company in the top position in your market. From network cabling to hardware virtualization, we focus on running your IT as a service-oriented business while you focus on your improved performance and cost savings.

Our experts are positioned to implement an IT infrastructure that is certain to resolve problems, eliminate downtimes, save costs, provide security, and streamline your business. We will orchestrate your IT for best performance and technology-enabled solutions that will drive your business forward.

Contact TechFarmer today for an INITIAL CONSULTATION about Managed IT Services, 720.222.5015

IT Services
IT Services

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