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At TechFarmer, we keep up with advancing technologies, and we work hard to help you apply and adapt to these technologies in your workplace. One field that's advancing rapidly is network convergence, which our team of experienced consultants understands and encourages. At the rate of change in information technology the available options are unprecedented, and IT convergence is a necessary process for the success and streamlining of your business.

Our digital convergence services involve a process used to merge your existing technologies with new technologies to gain greater business efficiencies. Throughout this process TechFarmer audits your current IT infrastructure to monitor how and where costs could be cut, and also how to either consolidate, remove, or cloud-base many of your required technologies. With our IT convergence plan you gain efficient technology options that will improve your business results.

How it Works

Convergence is a global business strategy where technologies come together to provide more streamlined, cost-effective, and efficient methods for managing IT infrastructure. In this era of network convergence, our expert TechFarmer team has the skills to provide you with an environment that will accelerate your business through analytics, broadband connectivity, cloud computing, and mobility. Some recent trends in IT convergence include:
  • Mobile services for wireless access to all mediums
  • Transfer of information over a wireless link under any conditions
  • Internet services with easy, fast broadband connectivity
  • Integration between television, computers, and internet
  • Industry standards between wireless and cellular technologies
  • Merging of audio and visual elements into mobile devices and applications
  • Less hardware, with the migration to primarily mobile devices using mobile applications and cloud technology

Digital convergence incorporates your business technology components such as broadcasts, global connectivity, graphics, photography, presentations, business and social networking, streaming media, text, video, voice, and more. We integrate this streamlined IT convergence strategy into a simplified structure for your business, allowing your workers to communicate, collaborate, and share information using the latest industry trends in technology.

Why It's Good For Business

The power of converging technologies will ultimately save you money, extend the convenience of purchasing and maintaining fewer devices, and provide you with accessible applications, anytime you need them.

Convergence can be a complex problem to companies who are unprepared, but TechFarmer can turn this change into an innovative growth opportunity for your company. We can ensure you will be competitive in the marketplace, and the interactive and convenient advantages of our technology convergence services will make a notable difference in the day-to-day of your business.

What We Can Do For You

Our team of polite professionals will assist you in developing a strategy that is customized with your business in mind. We will assess your needs and then devise an IT convergence strategy plan that will support your business and ensure you are working with current, state-of-the-art technologies.

You get easier and faster access to information, integration of tools and resources resulting in lower costs, and the ability for greater market diversification. We want you to be competitive -let TechFarmer's team develop a strategy for IT convergence that works for your business.

Contact TechFarer today for an INITIAL CONSULTATION, and discover how technolocial convergence can improve the day-to-day of your operations - 720.222.5015

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