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Virtualization Services

TechFarmer offers optimum virtualization services, meaning we create a 'virtual' environment for your IT infrastructure. A virtual environment allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single computer, seamlessly manage and share software applications, consolidate hardware using fewer servers, experience minimal if any downtown, and gain real-time security, backups and data recovery. With this server virtualization concept, you realize the benefits of cost savings, easy maintenance, and the ability to efficiently add or reduce staff as your business changes. In just about every situation the benefits of virtualization outweigh the costs.

How it Works

In a virtual computer environment, there are hardware and software virtualization concepts. Your company hardware is installed onsite by our expert technicians in an effort to consolidate equipment and develop an environment compatible with virtualization. Each virtual machine relies on a single hosted server that provides various operating systems, shared software applications, and data storage. By migrating to this hosted virtual environment, you receive maximum utilization with minimal equipment costs.

Your company benefits from fast and easy application and resource provisioning. Virtual machines can be managed efficiently, and you receive the flexibility to add, reduce or outsource staff and associated resources as your company grows. Virtual machines can be transferred between servers, and business-critical software can be deployed to staff with no downtime.

Why It's Good For Business

If you want to improve your return on investment, reduce costs, and streamline your business, you need TechFarmer's virtualization services. Businesses benefit from these advantages with a virtual IT infrastructure:
  • Multiple operating systems in the same computer environment
  • Customized architecture for software downloads, security, and backups
  • Application provisioning for staff growth or reduction
  • Always available, anytime, anywhere
  • Just-in-time security, backups, and disaster recovery
  • Easy to maintain

The cost of virtualization services is often less than the cost of maintenance for equipment moves and replacements, software downloads, security, and data storage. Over time, costs are lowered due to network consolidation, high availability of data, and secure 24/7 access and support. Business-critical software is always available to improve performance and reliability, and you spend less money on hardware and services that have been a drain on your productivity in the past.

What We Can Do For You

TechFarmer offers both software and server virtualization services that streamline your business. We help you gain the state-of-the-art benefits of this remarkably powerful technology. Our technicians consolidate multiple server environments to conserve your bandwidth, set up a virtual backup service to protect your data in real time, and customize your IT infrastructure for maximum efficiency.

Contact TechFarmer today for an INITIAL CONSULTATION, and find out how we can bring the benefits of virtualization to your office - 720.222.5015

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