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Backup Services & Data Security

At TechFarmer, we offer a wide variety of enterprise backup solutions for your data. We understand the importance of your business data and the need for regular, automated backup storage that maintains continuity, is secure, and is fully recoverable. We specialize in medium and small business data backup and disaster recovery, and can tailor a solution to your needs and budget.

Our expert team is trained to manage data backups in a manner that best serves your business. We offer multiple technologies to accomplish this goal, and will work with your business to assemble and implement a tested, verified, and efficient data backup solution.

Please contact TechFarmer today for an initial consultation about secure backup & recovery services - 720-222-5015

How the Process & Practice Works

As part of your information technology infrastructure, the process of backing up data means that we set up a process for your business that will copy and archive computer data on an automated, regular basis. This data can be recovered at any time, whether you need to retrieve archived records or you experience data loss, which commonly occurs due to an inadvertent deletion, corruption, or some other disaster.

With the surge in technology-based businesses and the amount of data businesses tend to archive, current storage requirements can be substantial. Organizing and managing backup data can also be substantial in size and scale. But TechFarmer makes all that easy - we offer solid-state and cloud-based backup services that offer continuity, security, flexibility, and portability. Our cloud backup services provide optimized file compression, encryption, and duplication management, and we regularly test and verify the reliability of data that has been stored.

We can install cloud storage that runs in the "background" of your daily life - monitoring systems for data that has changed, and then automatically encrypting and uploading data to our secure servers. Your backup data is readily available and retrievable as needed, with minimal maintenance and no downtime.

Why It╩╝s Good For Business

TechFarmer's enterprise data backup solutions are efficient, secure, and necessary for the security of your business. With real-time data backups, you can ensure access to archived or lost data any time of the day or night, 365 days a year, and in any location.

Data is imperative to the success of your company. Storage is often a complex issue, or becomes one as your business grows and changes. Our continuous online backup protection and verification system is cost-effective, easy to manage, and will give your company confidence knowing all of your data is secure and readily-accessible. Once we have established your specific data backup parameters and incorporated the settings you desire, our automated processes easily manage data backups for all of the computers in your company.

What We Can Do For You

Data backups are essential. We will work with you to establish a data backup plan that is specific to your business and accomplishes the type of automated storage you need, when you need it. TechFarmer's IT advisors how your data affects your business operations, and we work hard to ensure state-of-the-art solutions that will maintain your infrastructure and keep your business running smoothly. Do not wait - let our data backup and recovery experts work with you to design a backup plan that provides the legal and professional protection you need.

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