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Company History
TechFarmer was founded by Christopher Lozing and was officially incorporated in September of 2001. Chris had been working in the IT field since 1995 and throughout that time had built two startup companies and spent some time in a large worldwide enterprise, but kept witnessing the struggles and hardships that many small and medium businesses were facing with IT challenges.  This became the deciding factor for the change back into outsourced IT for small to medium businesses, and create a model that worked for the business as well as the clients. 

The name TechFarmer has much history. The name was created a few years before incorporation and became a reality in September of 2001. Chris's family worked land from the Homestead Act near the Montana-Canadian border.  Chris's patriarchal ancestors were farmers, and his family continued to run the farm until the early nineteen nineties. Chris has always been a technical guru of sorts, and when he created the name, he wanted to be able to incorporate a vanishing past with an emerging future. Chris believes in treating people as the old farming communities did by earning trust.   The most important item is treating your fellow person with dignity and respect. Customer service is highly regarded.  Chris has created TechFarmer with these principles in mind and if you were to ask the customers of TechFarmer, we believe they would say the same thing.  All employees of TechFarmer work and live with these principles in mind. 

Why Chose TechFarmer?
-  Our Focus
     You talk, we listen, and we are perceptive.  We understand and comprehend.  We deliver.
-  Our approach is different
     We are not your typecast IT company or personnel.  Our ability shows. 
-  Technology Management
     We manage technologies with proven standardized process with successful results. 
-  Community Partner
     We give and support the communities where we work, live and play. 

Management Team
A work in process…

Philanthropic Interests
A work in process…

Contact TechFarmer today for a FREE Initial CONSULTATION, 720.222.5015

TechFarmer are terrific partners. They understand our organization, our budget and our needs, and provide us with the technical support and counsel we need to keep running, and to stay up-to-date without breaking the bank. Our dedicated engineer often goes above and beyond, helping staff with home office situations, and helping us manage vendors and contracts, and he has unfailingly responded to after-hours issues promptly. He has become a trusted partner for our staff, and he really ensures that technology equips us to do what we need to do, without getting in the way.

Beckett S.

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IT Services

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